What you will learn



An Ambassador is a person who promotes projects that have not yet been released to the market, i.e. making them more public through active dissemination through themselves


What you will learn

Community Management

A community manager is a specialist in community management: creating, maintaining and developing communities

What you will learn



A moderator is a user on a public network resource, most often overseeing compliance with the rules of the resource in specific topics or sections of the network resource

What you will learn

Skills you get


  • Organisational skills (events, competitions)

  • Discord management and setting up


  • Negotiation skills


  • Online broadcasting, AMA sessions

Class List


1. Introductory lecture (the concept of an ambassador, a brief history of ambassadorship, ambassador programs today, skills of an ambassador, filling out forms)

2. Seminar on the ambassador's specializations (what an ambassador usually does, how to choose a specialization, the first steps as an ambassador, examples of programs)

3. Lecture on the ambassador's outer shell (how to hook, what we do, how we communicate, personal brand, building social connections)

4. Seminar: Twitter + writing articles

5. Seminar: ambassador's work schedule, delegation

6. Workshop on Figma (graphics)

7. Namecheap Workshop (we make our own business card website)

8. Final seminar: exam discussion

9. Extra: Discord management


10. Extra: Community management

Class format


  • 8-10 sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes each

  • Full support: you can ask questions continuously during the class or afterwards



  • Moderator usually earns from 300 USD to 1000 USD per month


  • Community manager usually earns from 700 USD to 3000 USD per month


  • Ambassador get rewards depending on project, impact of ambassador. It usually varies from 400 USD to 50 000 USD

Examples of work